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At Barkers Anonymous, we don’t force your dog or use harsh methods to successfully address and change behaviors. We use scientifically proven methods to teach your dog a language that you both can understand.

You will be amazed how quickly your dog will learn new and useful cues. Your trainer will take everything into consideration, from your pet’s environment to your pet’s diet. With all of this in mind, we can create an individual training plan that is best for you and your pet.

Our goal is to help our clients achieve harmony and excellence with their pet(s). Once you become our client, you are part of the Barkers Anonymous family. We offer free email support to our current clients to keep you successful when you need a little extra help.

The science of dog training has grown by leaps and bounds. The old ways that once were, are forever changed. Studies have shown that our companion animals are very capable of learning without force or pain. We now know that classical conditioning and operant conditioning are far more successful than other alternatives that still exist out in the world.

I bet you never thought you could train your dog while sitting in a chair — all without ever touching your dog!? And if you did, CLICK! TREAT! (you’ll know more about that later)!

With a little bit of patience, all dogs are eager to learn.

You will see that your dog is eager to learn and will begin to offer new behaviors! Even the most troubled dogs are eager to learn and before you know it, there it is! A great relationship that you helped to build! Old behaviors are replaced with new and useful cues.

Training should always be fun and non-stressful on both sides of the leash. When we make learning fun, great things happen and you see a different side of your dog. What will you see? A dog that is eager and happy to do as you ask.

Learning to communicate with your dog in a way you both understand will help your relationship grow. When we open up the lines of communication through teaching new cues, anything is possible!

Barkers Anonymous
401 Kanuga RD,
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